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  • October 19th, 2010

    How Do You Pass A Mouth Swab Drug Test

    Red how do you pass a mouth swab drug test

    Drug tests are so important, that you have to face them some time in your life, whether getting selected for a job or in high school. Mouth is where you take most of the drugs from and so the saliva which is constantly present in the mouth can be used to detect drugs in your body. This is what is done in a mouth swab test. Are you also going to face then read here that how do you pass a mouth swab drug test?

    A mouth swab test is done by placing cotton, wrapped across a rod. This rod is placed in your mouth for a couple of minutes until it is completely wet. This wet cotton is taken as a sample to detect the presence of drugs. As this is the easiest way to get samples and has no discomfort, so it is preferred especially for teenage children and even adults. Another biggest advantage about this test is that the samples are collected on the spot, so there are no chances of presenting any fake samples. Often people are confused and a question keeps on arising- can drug test show tobacco use? but it does not.

    In spite of all the above advantages there are a few disadvantages of swab test and one is that the addicted person can pass a drug test easily. Even if you have a drug test sixty hours later, you can still pas the test with flying colors. Here are a few thins that will help you to get desired results in case of drug testing:

    1.Brush you teeth, gums, cheeks and tongue properly before going for the test.
    2.Also floss your teeth before the test, because drug can get stuck in between your teeth also.
    3.Rinse your mouth with Listerine to reduce the levels of drugs.
    4.If you still want assurance, you can carry two three strips of Listerine, use them just before the test.
    5.Cleaning the cheeks helps a lot because the cheek cells are replace quickly.
    6.You can even go for sour foods as they promote the production of saliva. This will help clean your mouth.

    The above tips will surely help you to pass your test and get desired results.

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