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  • December 24th, 2010

    How Long Certain Drugs Stay In System

    Read how long certain drugs stay in system.

    Are you a doper? Love taking shots? Then you are surely going to be in a fix if you are going to be tested for a drug which is quite mandated these days. Have you ever wondered how long certain drugs stay in system? A lot of websites will give details on certain drugs and passing drug urine test home remedy or passing any sort of drug test using effective products. A number of people who are been called in for a drug testing are in search of ways to beat a drug test and need to know about the time period for which the drugs are likely to stay in their system. The answer for long will the drugs stay in your system depends upon the drugs you are considering and going to be tested for.

    Various factors influence the stay of drugs in the system regardless of the drug you are talking about. As one snorts or smokes, the toxins enter the bloodstream. Thus how soon the drugs leave the system totally depends upon the metabolism rate of the system. Certain type of drugs takes longer time to metabolize, but a person with higher metabolism rate is able to metabolize the drugs quickly. Thus the time varies from person to person. Age of an individual also influences the duration of stay of drug metabolites in the system. The amount and frequency of drug use is one of the vital factors in determining how long will the drugs stay in the system. If you have been on drugs for longer times and are a chronic user, then the concentration of toxins is going to be high. It is but obvious that the body will take a lot of time to dispose the drugs and it will be difficult to pass drug test.

    The time of stay also depends upon the drugs that one is using. Amphetamines can stay in the system for about four days. Cocaine generally leaves the system after 5 days. Lsd is not usually tested for as it leaves the system faster and remains undetectable. If you are marijuana, then keep trying for 3 months as the hair follicles can detect them even after 90 days. Abstaining from the use of illegal drugs at the earliest is only the line of defense that will help you grasp the cup of victory!

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