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  • January 20th, 2011

    Information On Marijuana In Urine Tests

    Read the information on marijuana in urine tests.

    Urinalysis is basically a technical analysis of the urine specimen for detecting the presence of illegal drugs and their metabolites. A urine drug test is preformed in many healthcare centers, laboratories and hospitals. A urine drug test is performed by collecting a sample from the subject in the specimen cup. The specimen is then either analyzed in a clinic or sent to a drug testing laboratories to check the presence of traces of drugs. Many abusers are expert cons and they adopt several tactics to pass a drug test. Aspirin and drug test have a great relationship as far as passing a test is concerned. It is believed that aspirin interfere with the immunoassay that screens the sample and helps one pass the test.

    However, the drug testing labs are authorized to perform a sample integrity test to evaluate the urine specimen. It involves a check for dilution, presence of adulterants or masking agents and physical appearance of the sample. Urine drug tests are routinely performed by the employers to monitor their staff. There are various situations wherein a drug test can be called including athletic screening, drug detoxification programs, school and in case of suspicions and post accidents. A urine drug test is effective in determining the presence of cocaine, cannabis, amphetamines, phencyclidine and opiates.

    Whenever you go for a urine drug test it is necessary to catch the midstream urine. As you start urinating allow a few drops to fall down into the toilet bowls and then collect the urine in a clean container. This will help you provide a clean specimen. The subject is asked to remove all the personal belongings while going in for a test and is supposed to wear a hospital gown. The test is then performed in a room when one has no access to his/her personal belongings. Thus it is almost impossible to adulterate or substitute the sample! However many people dilute the urine and come out with flying colors. The drug testing laboratories need to be stricter and leave no option for the abusers that might help them swindle the drug test using hair sample or urine sample!

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