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  • February 16th, 2011

    Marijuana And Drug Test Home Remedies

    Methods to beat marijuana metabolites completely.

    So, you are starting to worry about your drug test result? Do you have drug test for your pre employment phase? Or for any sports event? However, you recently have THC shots with your friends. Now what? Read this article for marijuana and drug test home remedies. All are proven methods and do not leave any severe effect on the body. All these methods are tested by pot smokers and they are avail for clean result with great success rate. Most common and effective method to destroy THC metabolites is drinking lots of water. Water ,as per its natural property increases the frequency of urination and then flush THC metabolites from body. However, one need to conduct this method very consistently for more than week’s period. Also one have to completely refrain from all sorts of drugs and illicit substances. Here, know that, body does not work on the drug metabolites till you stop drug consumption. So it is very first step in throwing marijuana out of the system.

    Another proven method is drinking cranberry juice. However, be sure that cranberry juices are 100 % pure, fresh and natural. You can try drinking other citrus fruits as well. Drink plenty juices of strawberry, mulberry like fruits. They have roughage, hence they try naturally to clean up the system. Other advantage of citrus fruits are natural chemicals in them tries to remove drug metabolites and gives clean sample. These fruits works as dilutives that means they increases the frequency of urination. This remedies prove effective in passing random drug test as well. Though random drug testing is bad, you can not say when no asked to submit samples.

    Another chief source for fighting against marijuana metabolites is intense workout. If you are already health and fitness conscious then nothing will prove beneficial than this. THC that is marijuana metabolites restore inside the fat cells . Intense workout will definitely comes up as magic remedy for throwing them out from the body. Take help from online sites which are dedicated for different drug passing remedies. However, pass drug test with above listed methods are best answer for how to beat a drug test naturally. Taking steam bath frequently also shows good result in getting false negative result.

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