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  • October 7th, 2010

    Marijuana On The Nervous System

    Marijuana on the Nervous System

    Marijuana on the nervous system of human body affects badly. It kills the active cells of human brain and deactivates neurons in the nervous system slowly. You may smoke Marijuana for an entertainment purpose but make sure you don’t want any job in any corporate houses or you don’t want any governmental recruitment for you. You need to pass drug test before being selected for the job. It is almost impossible to cheat the drug test and you would rather fail in the test if you consume Marijuana or any other kind of drug before the drug test. You should stop consuming entertainment drugs and alcohol at least before one month of the test.

    There are few common suggestions that you may get to cheat the drug test. One of them is to drink water to pass drug taste before you go for the test. However, this never works if you have a regular habit of consuming Marijuana. Even if you pass in the urine test, you cannot avoid saliva or hair drag test by drinking lots of water.

    Another suggested process to pass in the drug test is to have some certain kinds of medicine like pain killers or sedatives. However, the result includes medicines along with the regular drugs you consume. It never works in that way that you want it to work.

    Some suggest to use artificial urine that you may get in the medical shop during urine test. However, most of the time, the test is organized in such a way that you would find it really tough to replace the original urine sample. Even if you succeed to replace the sample, you might be caught since some tests can rectify artificial urine.

    It’s always better to avoid the hazards. The best suggestion is to stop consuming alcohol and other harmful drugs like Marijuana and take the test. Consuming drugs are injurious to health is the most important reason; the second reason is to get a reasonable job that matches best with your profile. In addition, it’s better to announce everything including the medicines that you have regularly for other kind of problem. Again, if there is a chance to fail in the drug test, utter it- though you would fail in the test, it would be graceful to you.

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