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  • October 19th, 2010

    Marijuana Showed In Urine Drug Test

    How marijuana showed in urine drug test?

    A marijuana drug testing gives the technical analysis of a biological specimen like saliva, urine, blood and hair for determining the existence or absence of active elements of marijuana as well as its metabolites. Urine drug testing is based on the noticing of a metabolite of delta-9-THC that is the main pharmacologically lively element of marijuana. Breakdown products of THC are noticed in urine or also after weeks stopping its utilization, relying on if an individual is a regular or a occasional user of marijuana.

    Urine tests can not an indicator of recent marijuana utilization however more of past drug utilization. Metabolites of THC are stored in an individual’s fatty tissues of different organs and are gently excreted via urine. It is the main reason for their noticing in urine also weeks after cessation of the utilization of marijuana. Urine tests are rather right when cautious lab evaluation is done and false positive results are very rare. Earlier drugs such as ibuprofen was known for effecting marijuana testing results however it has been overcome now. It is greatly to attain false-positive results for marijuana with any other substance utilization or abuse. In Immunoassay testing, urine samples are primarily tested for THC metabolites. Sample is united with a solution that includes a particular antibody for THC metabolites. The amount of metabolites in your urine sample is calculated by noting fluorescent light. This testing is not able to distinguish between marijuana intake and synthetic preparation dronabinol.

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