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  • February 16th, 2011

    Nail Drug Test

    Read about nail drug test.

    Varying sorts of marijuana drug testing include urine, hair, saliva, blood, nail, and sweat. During a marijuana drug test, your urine or alternative bodily substance is tested for a toxin known as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the ingredient in marijuana that creates a “high.” THC is not water-soluble, which is the reason that it lingers in the human body for a long time.
    If you have used marijuana of late, and have a drug test approaching, you may test positive for THC.

    In the past few years, new technologies for performing drug tests have been developed. One such technique allows the detection of illicit drugs and drug metabolites by collecting and analyzing hair and fingernail samples. This has brought about several changes in the workplaces and medical institutions. Actually the drugs of abuse have been measured using nail specimens since 1984. However, the need to acquire greater detection window have given nail drug testy a new niche to fill. Like hair, fingernails and toenails are composed of a hard protein called keratin. The nail drug test procedure is quite similar to the hair drug testing method. Drugs are incorporated into the nails from the bloodstream and remain locked in the nails as the nails grow.

    The drug metabolites enter the nail from the base as the keratin is formed and through the nail bed they extend under full length of nail. The drug metabolites can be detected in the nail clippings for 2-4 weeks after the consumption of drugs and can remain detectable for almost 8 months. The nails grow approximately at the rate of 3.5 mm per month which mean that the drugs can remain detectable for a year after ingestion. In order to test the presence of drugs, trained personnel takes a small sample of the clippings from the subject’s fingernail. The specimens are then sealed and sent to testing labs for processing.

    The drug testing labs decontaminate the samples and liquefy them. They are then subjected to a series of tests. The test can measure residual presence of marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines, opiates and PCP. In addition to making it possible to detect the use of drugs, the nail drug test also addresses the objection of those who consider blood drug to be physically invasive or urine test to be embarrassing. Passing a drug test is quite essential these days. Several companies have come up with products that claim to detoxify the system prior to the test. However, none of them are proven effective and are means to earn to money. It is better to go for drug test swab home remedy and home remedies to detoxify the systems!

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