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  • December 24th, 2010

    Pass A Drug Test Marijuana

    Pass a drug test marijuana is simple and easy.

    Marijuana is one of the famous drugs that are used by people from all age groups. Homemade drug test are very helpful as they are clear and transparent. To pass a drug test things that should be kept in mind are real and practical. There are ways to pass drug test and if you know all the ways then you have to take steps accordingly.

    Making people realize their mistakes is a good job and making them leave bad habits is even better .The process of drinking is known as inter dilution and is done to beat the urine test. You should be surprised to know that positive results are seen by drinking water. The external dilution involves adulteration and this becomes risky and is termed as un ethical tampering. Internal dilution is a natural process and it takes a little time to detoxify all the toxins present in the system.

    This process is case specific as well as the quantity of drugs taken and nature of drug taken should also be seen. If the quantity of drug taken is more then there are chances of failure of this process. You should be able to quit drugs two days prior to drug testing. It is always suggested to keep a fast and when you break the fast drink plenty of water.

    Keeping fast will clean the body and drinking water will dissolve the drug metabolites. Some drug metabolites are tough to dissolve and this will again result in failure of the process. Two gallons of water with 50 mg of hydrochlorothiadize (a diuretic) will show quick results and will detoxify the system. Water acts as universal solvent but at times the addiction and the dosage of drug is stronger and fails to the benefit of water as a solvent. Though the presence of creatinine in urine is comparatively less than blood but by drinking just two ounces of water the concentration of creatinine increases. The specific gravity changes and the results are favorable. This process is very simple and involves no investment. You should always consult an expert before following this internal dilution process to detoxify the toxins. If you have read the reviews about effect of drinking water then you will be impressed as 7 out of 10 have witnessed negative drug test.

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