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  • December 24th, 2010

    Pass A Drug Test Pot

    Read how to pass a drug test pot

    Pot smoker is the one who smokes marijuana or weed. Marijuana is also called as weed because it looks like a weed. Taking shots of marijuana may please you but when you are caught in a drug test for consuming illegal drugs then you will have to face consequences which are not pleasing at all. About fifty percent of drug users consume marijuana alone. One of the causes for the rapid increase for drug use is that this drug can also be grown at home. If you are also a pot smoker then you should know how to pass a drug test pot? In this article you will find how to do so.

    Passing a pot drug test is quite easy if you know the strategy of this drug on your system. The drug is stored in the body in the fat cells. When a person does any energy consuming activity (all activities need energy), then these fat cells burn and release the drug particles which they had stored in them. When the person urinates the drug particles come out of the body. So urine drug test is the best way to detect marijuana from a person’s body.

    Now that you have understood the way this drug performs in the body you can easily act accordingly to pass a drug test for it. You can burn the fat cells that have stored the drug particles in them, faster than normal. Now these drug particles are suspended in the system the dust particles in the air. Do not misunderstand that now you are safe from the test, you still have to work to be on the safe side completely. You will have to flush away those drug particles from your system. This can be done by drinking excess of water and then urinate frequently to release the drug from your body completely.

    If you have no time to go for the above advice then you can go for buying drug and alcohol detox kits. That work from within your system and clean it from drugs. You can also check your efforts by getting a home drug testing kit.

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