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  • October 11th, 2010

    Positive Drug Test

    How to avoid a positive drug test and manipulate the lab report

    When you get a drug screening done there are chances of being tested, positive, negative or false positive. If you have been vigorously doing the shots you will be get a positive report, if you have never taken a drug in any form you will get a negative report and if you have been taking medications or prescription drugs there could be some content of drug in the body which could test you false positive. How to avoid a positive drug test and manipulate the lab report? This is a common worry for those on prescription drugs. If the right kind of steps is taken, you can pass drug test in a better way.

    Find the list of medications which could test you false positive:

    Many medications can test you false positive a list of which you can get from the internet. All information required these days is easily available on the internet. No only can you get a list but you can also get ideas on home remedies to pass drug tests. If there is a hair test involved, you can pass drug test by getting you hair washed thoroughly with special shampoos, serums and conditioners available in the medical stores. If the drug screening is scheduled for the following day, you can wash your hair on the day before as well as on the drug screening day. Home remedies to pass drug tests have been effective significantly, so there is no harm trying them out.

    How to avoid a positive drug test and manipulate the lab report? Brush your teeth thoroughly and try to get dental plaque removed, as there could be drug content within the teeth too. If at all dental plaque is taken for the test there is nothing you could do later, instead brush your teeth thoroughly several times and only then go for the drug screening. Saliva sample could also be called for. A good idea would be to take saliva sample of your friend when the authorities are not looking, but make sure your friends is not doing the shot either or you could land in further mess. When you come clear in the drug test, try to make a resolution that you will give up the drug habit within no time at all.

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