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  • November 17th, 2010

    Pre Employment Drug Test Policy

    Read about pre employment drug test policy

    There are many types of drug tests, that are differentiated according to the drugs that has to be detected and also the specimen tested for the drug. Apart from this differentiation drug test are also differentiated according to the purpose of the test like school drug test, pre employment drug test, home drug test and also government office drug tests. These tests are conducted everywhere and so there are many policies for it. In this article you will find some pre employment drug test policy.

    A pre employment drug test has being included as an important round for a person’s selection of r a particular job. Just like you need your certificates to get the job you need a drug test certificate also. This certificate is a legal proof that whether you are a drug addict or not. This test is not a step to stop the increasing number of drug addicted people but as prevention from the problems that a drug addict can get to the company like:

    A. A drug addict will never be able to give his or her best to the company, which every organization wants from its staff.

    B. A drug addict can bring legal as well as social problems to the company which can cause a lot of money expenses also

    C. A drug addict can lead to various accidents which are not just harmful for them but also for others who work along with them.

    To avoid these major problems pre employment drug test policy was declared. In this policy every person applying or working in the company has to undergo a drug test with the help of drug screening kits or other methods. This policy has a panel of drugs which are to be tested, not every drug is included in this panel. Only those drugs that are there in the panel have to be tested for.

    If a person fails this test then he or she will be thrown out of the company even if they pass all the other rounds he or she has to pass drug test. Along with this they will also have to face all those consequences that a drug addict has to face, both legal and social.

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