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  • November 17th, 2010

    Pros Of Athlete Drug Testing

    Pros of Athlete Drug Testing.

    The world of professional athletics and sports is infested with the practice of using drugs for performance enhancing. The stakes are fairly high. Athletes retire around the age of 30 to 35 – a time when most of us are struggling to get set in life. If they cannot make it big in the limited period available to them, they have a very bleak future indeed. Contrast this to the other side – success will ensure not only prize money but also open their way in the world of lucrative endorsements. This list is also likely to include appointment as commentators and coaches and the like in future. The motivation for using performance enhancers is very strong indeed. More so, pass a drug test is not that difficult in spite of using drugs.

    Drug testing was instituted to bring in a level playing field and prevent anyone from winning in an unfair manner. There are many pros of athlete drug testing. The first one, as already mentioned is that the competition is likely to be fair. When one athlete wins by using drugs, someone is deprived of his rightful place under the sun. Secondly, drug testing in athletics creates a fair environment. Success by unfair means is likely to informally publicized. This creates a bad precedent and aspiring athletes will go for performance enhancers right from the start. This will remove the incentive for hard work and promote a culture of obtaining success in an unfair manner. Next the use of drugs will also negatively affect the health of the drug user athlete. In the long run he will suffer for obtaining short-term unfair benefits.

    Like all things, even drug testing has a down side and its limitations. For one, drug testing does not guarantee non-use of drugs. Athletes are always on the look out for finding new ways to beat drug tests. Thus they know how to avoid positive marijuana result in urine drug test and other drugs. Then there is the possibility of athletes going undetected simply because drug tests are not conducted on a daily basis. Doing so would be harassment. Also drug tests cannot detect illegally high levels of the human growth hormone.

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