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  • December 24th, 2010

    Random Drug Testing On High School Students

    Random drug testing on high school students

    A substantial proportion of public school districts have instituted random drug testing among their high school students, some maybe going beyond sanctions set by U. S. Supreme Court. All such sanctions limit testing for students involved in sports and extracurricular activities. Study funded by NIDA included data gathered from 1,343 drug prevention coordinators in a nationally representative sample of school districts, which contain high school studies. 14% of school districts of nation reported conducting random drug test of students in high school in the year 2004 to 2005 academic year.

    Almost all of the school districts, which followed random drug test processes subjected their athletes to the likelihood of being tested as well as two thirds accidentally tested high school students, who even participated in few other additional activities. More than a quarter of districts, which followed random drug test, subjected even all of their high school students for the likelihood of being get tested. Supreme Court even ruled in the year 1995 that test student athletes for drugs in constitutional, also in absence of suspicion of the utilization of substance. In an ensuing case, Court also expanded its ruling for including students participating in additional activities.

    Random drug test can continue to be notorious as well as practice is likely to be contested same as we saw with the current ruling by Washington State Supreme Court. Random drug test of student’s athletes is not permitted under the constitution of state, in spite of U. S Supreme Court’s 1995 ruling. The study about Random drug testing on high school students, give you a benchmark to examine the prevalence of random drug test on high school students in the future.

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