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  • January 20th, 2011

    Standard 5 Panel Drug Test

    How standard 5 panel drug test takes place?

    Increasing drug abuse in each sector has made it essential for having a testing that may seek the physical as well as mental condition of employees. On this basis, the standard 5 panel drug test began. Now you should be astonishing what is a 5 panel drug testing? The standard 5 panel drug testing is a testing that is utilized for noticing the existence of multi-drugs at one goes as well as by taking just one sample. This quality makes it very crucial as well as helpful at the workplace to seek if the employees are drug free or not. It is even utilized in accidents case and not it may be utilized at home as well. This testing is accounted best as compared to other tests since it may notice several drugs at one time.

    Standard 5 panel drug testing is linked with President Ronald Reagan, who in the year 1986 has made the announcement of a drug free federal workplace. Then in 1989, U. S department of transportation even developed 5 panel basic urine testing. In the year 1990, this testing included alcohol testing as well. Now this drug test is utilized in nearly all the main companies for testing their employees for drug abuse. This drug test is generally done as an astonishment testing on old employees and is done at the recruitment time on new employees. After some days, 10 panel drug testing even came into the picture.

    The process for 5 panel drug testing is same to other drug test processes. The main difference in this process is that it can notice several drugs with a single sample at a single time. Following is the process of this testing. Sample is gathered from an individual. Generally a urine sample is taken however sometimes blood, sweat and saliva can even be utilized. Also the sample is either send to lab for additional tests or it can be tested with the aid of the 5 panel drug testing kit available in the market. Drugs that may be noticed using 5 panel drug tests are opiates, Meth, cocaine, amphetamine and marijuana.

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