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  • November 9th, 2010

    Take A Virtual Drug Test

    Take a Virtual Drug Test.

    If you have a drug test lined up in your office, school, college or in your rented accommodation you can opt for a home drug test kit and check your urine and saliva for traces of toxins or you can take a virtual drug test. These seek some information about your physical features and your drug consumption habits and provide you with an estimate of the result of a real drug test that is due in some days.

    Drug Tests are being increasingly employed by school and college authorities, sports administrators, employers and even landlords to know drug consumption habits, if any, of employees, students and tenants. Drug Tests are known to deter potential and actual drug users from consuming drugs and hence are popular with the authorities. However, if you consume any of the wide range of over the counter medicines, that contain drug chemicals, you will not pass the drug test even if you have not consumed drugs deliberately. To be on the safer side, it is better to take a virtual drug test.

    A virtual drug test can be taken in a matter of minutes and the results are immediately displayed. Specific internet sites are available for the purpose. Usually these tests start by asking you the drug that you use. Next it seeks to know the frequency of drug use. It also wants from you the last time the drug was consumed. When this done your weight is asked for. Some tests may also want to know your height, age, medical conditions and medicines that you may be taking.

    The information is then combined and an estimate is made of whether you will pass drug test. The type of drug test is also mentioned. For e.g. the result will say you will be passing urine drug testing or fail in a hair test etc. The best part of these virtual tests is that you do not have to take the actual test, as is the case with home test kits. Although the results will not be as accurate as those obtained with an actual home test, this will give you a fairly accurate idea of where you will stand in the drug test.

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