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  • February 16th, 2011

    Using Bleach To Pass A Drug Test

    Read about using bleach to pass a drug test.

    Apparently, there is a rumor going around that if you have been doing drugs, then drinking bleach can help you beat a drug test easily. There are several anecdotes all over the internet narrated by many abusers who passed a drug test using bleach. Many people have admitted drinking bleach to cheat the drug testing labs. Unfortunately, Drinking bleach does not work and can harm the system instead. Bleach is not meant for consumption purpose and can harm the body if used in large amounts. People who have been on drugs are going on the rumors and are trying to pass a drug test. Many of them have tried to affect the outputs by placing bleach directly in the urine specimens. A urine drug test is administered by placing a device that reacts with the substances present in the sample. Thus adding bleach is believed to alter the test results. However, sneaking bleach in the testing lab can be a problem, so people just drink it instead!

    Drinking bleach will cause a host of symptoms like vomiting, upset stomach and heart burn. Long term use of bleach can be fatal. There are chances of erosion of the esophagus or vomit getting into the lungs. The system can however dilute bleach without any lasting effects if done quickly. It can burn internally and take longer to heal; hence it is advisable to avoid using bleach to pass a drug test. A good idea would be to check the internet the reviews on using such tactics.

    Those who have tried bleach to get a negative outcome, suggests that chlorinated bleach is the best option. However, it is recommended to use other agents that are safe. Several detox products on the internet claim to remove the toxins form the system. There are detox mouthwashes, detox drinks, synthetic urine, hair follicle drug test antidote shampoo, etc available. All these products make bold promises. However, none of them are proven effective. The only assured way to pass a drug test is not to do them!

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