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  • September 9th, 2010

    Blood is Thicker Than Urine

    In today’s tough job market it is crucial to be prepared for anything that your employer or prospective employer may throw at you.  That includes drug testing.  The most common drug test would be providing a urine sample for analysis.  As long as you stay clear of any of the toxins for which your employer may be testing for at least two to four days you can be confident in passing a drug test by using any one of our detox drinks or detox kits.  Some employers test your hair follicles for drugs.  The hair test determines not what drugs you are on at the present time, but more of what you’ve been up to over the past few months.  Your hair follicles act like a time line of what substances you have been ingesting.  Your hair grows at approximately one-quarter inch per month and companies usually take about 1 inch in length to test.  The hair drug test detox products will remove buildup and other impurities from the hair shaft for the day of your test.  Some companies use a saliva test for drug screening or nicotine testing for insurance companies but this type of test is used only to find out your activity over the past several days.

    The most difficult drug screening test to pass would be a blood test.  There is simply NO QUICK AND EASY way to pass a blood test.  Cleansing the blood takes time and can’t be done overnight.  The process can take up to eleven weeks to clean out marijuana THC metabolites naturally through your body’s own metabolism.  The fastest and most productive way to completely cleanse your blood of these toxins is to use the Premium Detox 7 – Day Cleansing Program.  This is a series of supplements that you take daily consisting of a healthy boost of vitamins and botanicals that will be effective for cleansing blood, saliva and urine and leave you free and clear of the toxins in your body. It will not remove the toxins present in your hair but if you stay clean your hair will eventually grow out and you will remove them through your regular haircuts.  The Premium Detox 7-day Cleansing Program also contains a dietary and exercise program that you should follow to accelerate your way back to a healthier lifestyle.

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