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  • March 19th, 2010

    Lots of friends, lots of opinions

    When preparing for a drug testing, whose opinion you rely on? Whose experience so you trust? Every once in a while we get a phone call from a person that has many friends and they all are experts on drug testing.

    - I have a question for you: does your stuff really works? Somebody told me that it doesn’t work.
    - All of our products do work, if somebody had failed a test, you should inquire if they used a product correctly and stayed clean for a required amount of time beforehand.
    - Ok, so I have been clean for six days now. Is that enough?
    - Six days of abstaining is long enough for the toxin level to be low as desired.
    - My friend told me that detox drinks don’t work and I can just drink pickle juice or vinegar to pass.
    - Did your friend drink that?
    - Uh, I dunno, he said it made his friend pass.
    - Before making any radical decisions like that, I suggest you talk directly with a person who did drink it and see for yourself – more than likely he ended up in a hospital.
    - Yeah, that’s what I would think, but my other friend says that drinking bleach or draino helps too, but I don’t wanna drink that…
    - Sir, the products that we carry are specifically designed to make you pass a test. Anything from your household that your friends suggest for you to take are designed for other purposed and probably works fine for that, but not for a drug test. If you doubt the effectiveness of a detox drink, you can get a home test and check yourself before you submit an official sample. Just don’t drink bleach or draino.

    In a tough economical situation that we are in right now, it is hard to make a decision towards a right product. Please make sure that by trying to save money and using suspicious home remedies, you won’t end up paying with more than money – your health.

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