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  • January 30th, 2010

    Testimonies and Triumphs in the Detox World

    So as the battle goes on I read everyday about how specific detox products do and do not work for people. For people who speak negative about specific products. Their solution is always “don’t waste your money just drink a ton of water.”

    Problem is water can cause diluted specimens, denial of employment, loss of employment, and even death if there is too much water intake in one day.

    Here is my issue. When you are a “heavy user”, “daily user”, “every other day user”, etc. then the buy research paper drug/toxin is going to stay in your system longer. So that means the detox product you use may not work for you because it does not know what or how much is in your system and your body may not be willing to give it up so easily. This means you have to give your body a bit of a break from the toxin.

    Synthetic urines usually work best when you are only given a few days to prepare. They are 100% money back guaranteed and pass any test but DOT testing.

    We try to explain this to all of our customers and our customers appreciate it. Not only do negative reviews hurt companies but they make people hesitant on buying new products because some one had to smoke the day before his test and did not read the disclaimer from the manufacturer who clearly states to be clean a MINIMUM of 48-72 hours.

    So before you believe any of those blogs or anything else check with the companies most products have 100% money back or higher on their products. I would suggest before going by what a “drug user” says check with the product and get some professional advice from those who deal with a product on a daily basis.

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