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  • January 3rd, 2011

    Marijuana Laws in the United States…….

    According to the Federal Government there are 24 States not including PR and Virgin Islands that have Mandatory Sentencing when it comes to Marijuana. There are plenty of was to get out of trouble when you are busted for possession of small amounts or are suspected of being “high” on THC/ Marijuana. Some agencies i.e. local Police Departments, State Police, Sheriff’s in some states have the right to mandatory drug and alcohol screening at any time of incident as long as there is probable cause.
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    So you think to yourself “shoot what do I do” Well first things first if you deny any kind of testing you are automatically found guilty reason being you said no to something that could have prevented you from getting you into a lot of trouble. Not to mention the officer is thinking “If he not drunk or on drugs then why wont he give a test?”

    Now you’re in a bind and you need to think of something to do to get yourself out of trouble. So you check out a Detox Product. There are so many out there which one do you choose? Well from experience you will want to choose one that fits best for you. If you’re a smoker you need to stop smoking until the courts or someone else tests you so you can prove your innocence. This means stop using right away. It is up to you after you’re tested if you want to go back to it or not.

    Second you need to find a detox that will work for you. Will a drink work? Do you need something stronger? You wont know until you speak to someone knowledgeable. It is recommended to speak to a customer service representative that will give you options not tell you what you have to do. Unless it is them directing you to stop using for the time being.

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