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  • February 27th, 2011

    Spsycehmedics and not telling the whole truth

    How can a drug testing company absolutely guarantee that you cannot beat there drug testing?

    Psychemedics is one of the countries leading Hair follicle testing companies. There corporate offices are located in Acton, MA, however there testing laboratory is on online canadian pharmacy Culver City, CA. They claim to be the WORLDS leading hair follicle testers. When in fact they are only used in the US.

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    They claim that over 10% of there clients are of Fortune 500 companies. Included in that +10% are some of the largest police departments in the US. Upon some research of mine only 8% of the US police departments use hair testing as a means of drug testing. This testing is performed by trial to see if the departments can deter possible employees to taking the test and getting hired. These tests are expensive no matter what kind of contract there may be for a specific amount your tax dollars are paying for possible police officers to get drug tested then if they fail tax payers just wasted money.

    They offer the PDT 90 at home drug testing kit which does not explain if any extra fees are incurred with shipping it out to a lab to be tested or how and when results will come in. They also do not do a confirmatory test to say for sure if it is actually positive or not. They do not provide a print out of the levels to customers either.

    Maybe you should look into the assurance of drug testing companies before you give a bad rap to and detox companies.

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