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  • July 8th, 2010

    What should I use?

    So, you know you have a test coming up, and you know you have to get ready for it, but how? You’ve asked all your friends, you’ve looked on the internet, and they all seem like good ideas, and you decide to combine them all just to make sure that it’ll work. But is that the right decision?

    - Hello, I have just a few questions about a drug test. It is tomorrow, and I just want to make sure that I’m doing everything right.
    - Ok, what kind of test is it going to be?
    - It is a saliva test, and I’ve been rinsing my mouth with lemon juice and vinegar for a couple of days now, and I also got some mouthwash strips that you use instead of gargling, you know, and just wanted to know when do I put them in?
    - Well, first, lemon juice and vinegar don’t really remove any toxins and is absolutely not necessary to do that unpleasant stuff; secondly, what type of mouthwash strips did you get? Regular mouthwash or special detoxifying one?
    - It’s a regular mouthwash strips, for bed breath, you know… I didn’t know there was a special kind… I’ve been told that lemon juice and vinegar dissolve the mucus that saliva is stored in, and those strips will coat the insides of my mouth with gelatin that works as a barrier between the swab and my mouth…
    - No, all of that is not true. Lemon juice and vinegar just make you salivate a lot, and as far as destroying the mucus – it does not really get rid of toxins that are stored within your body and produced in saliva every minute. Special detoxifying mouthwash coats the insides of your mouth with special chemical compound that makes it impossible to detect any toxins in a sample collected in a swab test. Regular mouthwash just eliminates bacteria that cause bad breath.
    - Ok, can I get some of that detoxifying mouthwash overnight?

    Most of home remedies do not work. If you trying to purify your body naturally, just exercise and water will help you get healthy in a long run. But if you need to pass an upcoming test, don’t waste your time with anything but special detoxifying products.

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