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  • October 19th, 2010

    Benefits To Drug Testing In High School

    However suspicionless testing is legal in many states in the United States for athletes. In the U.K drug testing is common in many schools and according to some reports almost one third of boarding schools use drug testing in high schools. It is important that caution is used in drug testing among employees or students since alienating those who test positive may not be the answer.

    In order to be effective, such testing should be carried out with an auxiliary program that helps and supports drug abusers to kick the habit. However it cannot be denied that drug testing in high school can deter students from doing drugs out of curiosity or peer pressure. Moreover, the habits picked up in adolescence usually stay with a person for lifetime so many people have welcomed the idea of drug testing; mostly in the U.K.

    The biggest benefit of drug testing in high school is that students can avoid peer pressure to take drugs by participating in extra-curricular activities. But the biggest dilemma is privacy and many people point out that athletes and sportspersons have already given up some of the privacy; communal showers and nudity among players in the dressing room is unavoidable. This is not the case with everyone else and people may feel alienated and invaded if such testing is carried out without any reason.

    One more point to be considered is false testing, because some substances and medicines may cause a test to turn out positive even if that medicine is legally prescribed or over-the-counter. For instance, the drink Red Bull was found to contain traces of cocaine, ibuprofen (medicine) can lead to a positive test for marijuana, and codeine products and poppy seeds can lead to the test result turning out to be positive. Therefore this makes the issue more complicated and morally burdensome; not to mention the cost of investigation of the sample once again.

    In the U.K a British crime survey found that 36% of 16-59 year old people had used one drug or the other in their lifetime. The biggest benefit may perhaps be that such tests can help in reducing Class A or “hard drugs” such as Cocaine, Opiates, and Amphetamines since these can cause severe damage compared to soft drugs such as marijuana. Numerous herbal clean drug tests can be found on the internet but it is advisable to kick the habit by getting the help of a qualified professional or a doctor.

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