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  • October 7th, 2010

    Can You Pass A Urine Drug Test

    When can you pass a urine drug test?

    There are many ways now adopted to come clear of a drug test. The increasing instance of drug or substance abuse is alarming, especially in the developed and underdeveloped nations around the globe. But passing the drug test is also human ingenuity at its best!

    When and how to pass the urine drug test

    Like there are different tests that can detect whether or not you are doing drugs, there are also a number if life saving situations in which you will find yourself in a spot where a complete turn around is possible but not without a lab report clearance. If the intent is genuine and for a dream job or for a good opportunity on the sports field, then it is wise to get yourself an education on how to beat the drug test in a lab.

    I passed my drug test conducted at the time of my appraisal with the help of a generous helping of citrus fruit juices and a daily dose of vinegar and water for a month prior to the test. It worked and how! The flushing system worked for me. What I did was induce increased intake of fluids and guzzled down carrot juice, tomato juice, and the juice of every citrus fruit I could lay my hands on from mandarins to grape fruit. It worked. I doubled up the process with the help of glassfuls of vinegar and water when and as I could get away from the regular flow of work.

    How clearing a test offers life afresh – and on a platter!

    The drug test cleared me of the marijuana I did indulge in occasionally and thankfully today I am feeling much better with the natural detox I took on out of my love for life. Flushing ensured that I passed my drug test and got that raise. The drug test cleared also gave me a new lease in life. The urine drug test was cleared mainly due to the same method being used by my body, and in the face of an increased liquid intake to get rid o the toxins in my body. This process induced by myself for a good month prior to the test helped me cleanse myself internally. Not a trace of the marijuana I had indulged in and absolutely no going back for me after that.

    How to pass