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  • October 7th, 2010

    Causes Of False Positive Drug Test

    Understanding causes of false positive drug test

    There are not many people who would like to explain causes of false positive drug test results, especially if the person has been a victim of substance abuse. The whole arena of drug testing and schools has become highly sensitive considering the increasing instance of over the counter drug abuse on record in the developed and under developed countries across the globe. But it is vital to understand that not only are urine, blood and saliva samples tested now, even hair samples are!

    The intricacies of hair sample drug testing

    But there is nothing that cannot be addressed in time. If the attempt to beat the drug test is genuinely for a better lie then it is alright to identify shampoos, conditioners and serum to handle the cleansing of the hair follicles in time. Hair follicles are known to retain tell tale signs of drug abuse and this shows up through special tests that are designed for the purpose. The shampoo for hair follicle drug test actually cleans and coats the follicles of the hair upon application thus reducing or completely removing any trace.

    You can pass drug test requirements with research on products designed for the endeavor. Online and offline stores offer a number of options in shampoo for hair follicle drug test help in both natural and synthetic segments. They range from strong to light and depending on the type of addiction you are addressing you are required to opt for shampoo strength accordingly. Pass drug test requirements with flying colors by doubling the speed of the process with a natural detox too.

    Increased fluid consumption for a healthier you

    This comes with an increase in the intake of fluids. You should essentially understand that the body uses urination and sweating as ways to get rid of harmful substances and in this way initiates natural cleansing. It helps to look up resources and address a complete detox rather than some short term benefit. But if the latter helps in raising your morale and helps you to make a move in the right direction by bagging the dream job then go for it. Liquid diet protocol does not demand much from you but offers you a lot in the way of the results of your drug test report. Indulge wholesale!

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