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  • November 9th, 2010

    Codeine Causing False Readings On Drug Tests Cocaine

    Read about codeine causing false readings on drug tests cocaine.

    With the increase in the number of random drug test at workplace, employees often fear the possibility of registering a false positive in such a screening. People swear they don’t take drugs, but they are still getting a positive result. There are certain medications, dietary test, foods and even prescription medicines that can cause a false positive in a drug screening. . A false positive can occur due to a number of treasons like improper testing procedures, incorrect paper work or passive inhalation.

    Many testers claim that they can separate out false positives from the real things. But there are still many researchers who oppose this and believe that false positive cannot be detected. Could codeine drugs result in a false positive for cocaine drug test? No, codeine won’t give a false positive for cocaine, but it can for opiates. Codeine is made from opium. It is a narcotic and analgesic. If you take codeine before the drug test then you can surely test positive for opiates. Try to skip any over the counter medication for at least 3 days before the drug screening. Follow the tips given below if you want to save yourself from a false positive result:

    1. With the home drug test kits you can test yourself to see if you are going to be at the risk of getting a false positive.
    2. Take to your doctor before going for a drug test. Fill the medication list for all the over the counter medication and prescription medication prior to the test, this will help the authorities know that the false positive is because of these medications and not because what you eat.
    3. Passing drug test in five days is easy if you watch out what you eat. Make sure that the food that you consume will not be the reason for causing a false positive.
    4. Ask for a follow up test in case if you are not an abuser but still get a positive drug result. Show all your prescribed medicines and doctor’s note to the authorities.

    If you are not a drug user then you need not worry about the drug test. Follow the above tips if you fear getting a false positive.

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