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  • October 19th, 2010

    Cranberry Juice And Nicotine Drug Test

    Connection between cranberry juice and nicotine drug test

    Cranberry juice is a organic diuretic that is consumed at home. Having cranberry juice on the day of nicotine drug test provisionally dilutes your urine. It will provisionally strip out THC from your urine. Best quality cranberry juice is taken for balancing pH level of your urine as well as increase the frequency of urination. Cranberry juice is well-known for its capability of helping to maintain natural kidney functioning.

    Talking about cranberry juice and nicotine, drug abusers drink some glasses of cranberry juice before they go for nicotine drug test. They make sure that their urine in bladder is as watered as down as possible. Drug abusers start by drinking a gallon of water as well as drink plenty of cranberry juice. Cranberry juice makes you urinate often. Cranberry juice has the power to remove nicotine from your urine. Therefore, cranberry juice is taken before going for nicotine drug test. When the company has the history of having drug tests on the work place immediately then drug abusers always are in attempt of keeping a bottle of cranberry juice with them. They drink it before the drug test and attain the chance to urinate exactly before the drug test for cleaning the system with the help of cranberry juice.

    Cranberry juice helps you in passing a nicotine drug test successfully by removing it thoroughly. Between the often urination as well as dilution of urine with water, metabolites are not able to build to a noticeable level. For instance, cranberry juice includes sufficient benzoic acid for producing acidic urine specimen. Changes of urine pH outside the particular limits can result in a negative result. Three gallons of cranberry juice will surely help you to pass nicotine drug test successfully. You are also able to take body cleansing tablets along with cranberry juice. Nicotine cleansing kits are also available that will aid you in passing a drug test with ease.

    It is best of drinking bleach pass drug test as drinking bleach greatly aids an individual to pass a drug test. Drinking bleach pass drug test has many advantages. You can read about drinking bleach pass drug test on internet. Drinking bleach has the power to cleanse the urine as efficiently as putting bleach into a washing machine will clean the cloths of a person. You will get to see more information about drinking bleach pass drug test online. There are many ways to pass a drug test. Drinking bleach will aid you to pass a nicotine drug test with ease as it cleanses your urine. So what are you waiting for? Now, you do not need to worry about drug passing as many ways are there to help you in this regard.

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