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  • November 9th, 2010

    Day Fast To Detoxify

    Keep a day fast to detoxify

    Fasting was encouraged in the past to for religious reasons. People used to fast to seek closeness to God. Later on people came to know the benefits of fasting. When the medical benefits of fasting were revealed by experts then people start fasting once in a month to get their system in place. Fasting is the best way to detoxify your system. When you fact the acids which are secreted in your system especially stomach clears all the toxins present and makes you feel light. The entire system gets a renewal when you break the fast.

    Fasting is of different types. The function and motion of internal body parts gets a complete rest when you fast. Ever part of your body be it kidney, lungs, colon and stomach gets the detoxification benefit. This method of detoxification is free of cost and free of risks as well. There are conditions in a scenario of prolong fasting which can harm your system. According to some experts there is always a good time to fast. Springs and summers are the best time when you can detoxify your system by fasting.

    The whole body gets cleaned and the chemicals that are secreted internally will automatically benefit the system internally. Healing is one of the benefits which have come up in recent researches. The major energy of the body is involved in digestive system and healing takes a backseat. While you are fasting the major part of the energy will develop a healing process and triggers the process of healing. The Christians, Jews and Moslems observe fast for religious reasons and get the benefit from fasting. Fasting is not always suggested by experts and it depends on health factors as well. You need to be healthy to keep fast.

    Diabetic patients are not encouraged to keep fats as they need energy in the form of sugar and glucose. A normal fit person can keep fast and can get dual benefit. The detoxification is faster and the cleansing effect is quicker as well. The system keeps cleaning the internal organs of the body especially liver. If you have to go for a drug test make sure you keep fast for 2 days and then take the test. To pass drug test fasting is suggested as it completely removed the metabolites and THC from the system. Even the lsd drug test can be in your favor if you detoxify your system very well.

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