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  • December 24th, 2010

    Drug Test 5 Panel

    Read more about drug test 5 panel and its use.

    A multi panel drug test became compulsory for employees who come under the federal employee’s law for the drug test. They are set by DOT (i.e. Department of Transportation) policy. Multi panel drug screenings are used to check presence of any illicit and prohibited drug in person’s body system. There are several form in drug test and they are depend on the level, type of drug and screening method required for the same. To maintain the transparency and regulation in all drug tests there is one organization named as SAMHSA. SAMHSA designed the cut off value for each drug and it need to follow by each and every lab in the Unites states.

    Out of all the drug testing forms, drug test 5 panel is most used one. This type of drug test is carried out on workplace or you can have it as your home base drug test kit as well. Drugs which can be checked by 5 panel drug test kits include marijuana, cocaine amphetamines, PCP and opiates. All this drugs are fall in hallucinogenic drug type. Methods adopted for 5 panel drug test is normally urine, blood and in some cases saliva samples. They are either in strip format or small measuring cup having lids which can hold the sample fluid. 5 panel drug tests are also used for legal reasons. These kinds of tests are also used as athletic screening against doping. Effectively perform as random drug testing. Result you are avail with the panel drug testing are highly correlating with the EMIT and GC/MS methods. You can get review result with the senior medical authority if required.

    Private sector companies make use of drug test 5 panels as pre employment drug test. If you need more advance form of testing where you can detect presence of class 5 drugs along with their mix up, then there is availability of up to 10 panel drug screening. Some new panel drug testing kits includes hair follicle sample checking as well. They are designed to check positive drug test for marijuana from system for the last 3 months and sometimes even longer than that.

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