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  • October 7th, 2010

    Drug Test Blood Sample

    Drug test blood sample

    Generally speaking, other forms of drug test, such as saliva, sweat, urine, and hair are performed when comapred to a blood drug test. This is due to the fact that doing a blood drug test requires medically trained people to draw the blood sample. Apart from this, performing the entire blood drug test is also an expensive affair. Therefore, this form of drug test is not something which is often done. While the investigation for an accident case can be done by using this kind of a test, those in sensitive job positions might also have to go in for this kind of a test. The results of a blood drug test is highly accurate, and hence, it is used inspite of the fact that it is a pretty expensive affair.

    In order to pass a blood drug test, the best possible solution is to detoxify your system as much as possible. Drink lots of fluid, in the form of water, cranberry juice, vinegar, and the likes. Also, work out, and sweat it out as much as you would like to. The fatty acids which get accumulated in your body due to the usage of marijuana needs to be sweated out, and diluted. In order to do that, you need to get yourself involved into some rigorous physical activity. The more fat cells that you are able to dissolve, the better for you in terms of your test results. The metabolite count of drug is lowered if you sweat it out properly. The more fat you dissolve, the better for you. Detoxifying your body is the primary step towards ensuring that your blood drug test gives you a positive result. The total time that is required to completely purge all of the toxins from your system would depend on your physical build, and the fatty tissues which your body has. If you have been using a particular kind of drug over a long period of time, then the blood drug test would be showing positive results. The frequency of the drug usage would also determine the results. You can get certain products which would help you clean up your system, but it can take you anywhere between three to seven days, depending on the factors which have been discussed above.

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