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  • October 7th, 2010

    Drug Test Concentrated Urine

    drug test concentrated urine

    Since you are looking out at ways by which you can produce a clean urine sample for passing a drug test, please read on to know more on this. There are quite a few effective detoxifying products which are readily available in the market today. However, there are certain home remedies too which you can adopt, in order to clear the urine test for drug. Taking out all concentrations of drug from your urine so that you pass the drug test at one go can only be done by following one simple method of not doing drugs at all. But, since you have already done drugs, the best way to now pass the urine test for drugs would be to clear your urine of any detoxifying elements. The elemnt of marijuana which the drug test detects in case of a urine test is called THC. THC is stored in the fat cells of your body, and would get detected in a urine test for drug. If you go in for a high fibre diet, in that case, you would benefit out of the fact that direct fat soluble metabolites would reach the colon, instead of the bladder, and this might help you pass the drug test.

    ANother option to clear your urine of the drug test is to drink vinegar. Though drinking vinegar would not be a very good thing for your taste buds, however, if you are keen on passing the urine test, then you can go in for this option. Drinking vinegar would speed up the metabolism of amphetamines by as high as 300%. By lowering the pH of your urine, the detection time of amphetamines gets reduced if you consume the right amount of vinegar. Another thing which you can do for your urine test to be cleared of drugs is to go in for the midstream sample process. This means that before the actual test, you have ensured that you have urinated quite a few times. It is recommended that you do not fill in the sample cup with the begginning of your urine sample. On the contrary, you need to start filling in the sampole cup after you have urinated a bit outside of the sample cup. Also, do not fill in the sample right before the end of the stream. The chances of trace elements being more heavily concentrated is very high. Therefore, make sure that you pay extra attention to this part.

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