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  • October 7th, 2010

    Can Shrooms Show Up On A Drug Test

    can shrooms show up on a drug test

    In the standard drug test for mushroom, the two primary psychoactive substances which are found in mushrooms, psilocybin and psilocin, are not tested. However, it is technically possible to have been detected with psilocybin and psilocin, the two primary constituents of mushrooms, during a drug test. Due to the fact that these tests are not so commonly done, these tests therefore tend to be more expensive. Generally speaking, the most common elements tested for drugs would include marijuana, hash, cocaine, opiates, phencyclidine, amphetamines. Generally speaking, the use of mushroom does not cause an individual to test positive on random drug tests which are done by any employer or any schools. However, the ways to come out of this lesser conducted test, mushroom test for drugs, remains the same as with any other kind of drug test for any other substance. If you are really into drugs, then you need to take care of passing the drug test bit. Though, the best option to come out clear of a drug test is not to do drugs at all.

    To begin with, you need to detoxify your system well. Drinking water in sufficient quantity is an absolute necessity. However, you need to be extra careful about the fact that you are not doing too much of detoxification. WIth the smart end techniques that these testing laborateries use, your system would get detected if it is over detoxified, and then you would have to go in for the test once again. Also, you need to do a lot of physical exercise, so that the metabolism of your system increases, and the fat which is there in your system gets dissolved quickly and effectively. DOIng the right kind of exercise is of primary importance here. What you can also do is, drink cranberry juice, which would also help in the purpose of detoxifying your system. Apart from this, you can also drink vinegar, though it does not sound that tempting for your taste buds! You can drink vinegar so that it serves the purpose of detoxifying your system. However, for all of these alternatives, you need to bear one basic fact in mind, which is, at no point in time should you be overdoign any of these, be it drinking these liquid to detoxify yourself, or exercising, as overdoing any or all of them would bring in adverse effects for you, which are totally unwanted.

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