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  • November 9th, 2010

    False Positives Drug Test

    How false positives drug test occurs?

    False positive is a test result, which is returned if a substance tests positive for another element. It is a case of mistaken recognition. For instance, when you eat poppy seed cakes before your drug testing then you are able to get a positive result for the drug named opiates. The chances of registering a false positive rely on the quality of a lab, which does the test. There seem to be almost 1,200 of labs in U. S recently testing for the existence of different drugs. Less than a 100 of these meet federal idols as well as most of the individual states never regulate drug testing laboratories.

    A worry here is that when your organization tests for the usage of drug, they are maybe not needed to make use of a well-known drug test laboratory that means you have a great chance of registering a false positives drug test. Products or substances, which cause a false positive drug test result include

    THC substances that cause false positive include:

    1. Ibuprofen
    2. Motrin
    3. Nuprin
    4. Advil
    5. Dronabinol
    6. Promethazine
    7. Riboflavin
    8. Ketoprofen

    Now let us have a look at how to avoid false positive drug test results. Registering for a false positive drug test is a usual than you may thin. Likelihood of getting a failure in a drug testing when you have not taken any illicit drugs relies on several circumstances. You should handle your conditional cautiously when you attain any type of positive drug testing result. Things that you should do to avoid getting false positive on a drug test include following:

    1. Medication list
    2. Doctor’s note
    3. Home drug test

    You should research what medicine you take may give you a false positive on your drug testing. Also few of the most usual medicines also make your drug testing positive. Medications like Advil, Aleve and Dexatrim are the drug, which read positive for THC. You should skip these drugs for minimum 72 hours before your drug testing. You should talk with your doctor before taking your drug testing. You have fill out a detailed medicines list as well as prescription medication for giving to your doctor before your drug testing. This ways doctor will come to know that your positive result has come due to your medication and not due to illicit drugs use.

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