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  • October 7th, 2010

    Drug Testing In High School Athletes

    Importance of drug testing in high school athletes

    High school seems to be the hub for drug addiction today, around the world. This is the case more often seen in developed and under developed countries. Abuse of substances like marijuana and barbiturates that can be bought over the counter are on an all time increase. If you are being selected for the high school athletic meet then you should know that there are chances of you being called in for testing to clear drugs from the picture of good performance. So, how to pass a drug test tomorrow?

    Getting onto the spots field with ingrained vigor not drugs

    Well drug testing in high school athletes is usually a last minute affair and the most preferred method is the marijuana nanograms testing drug test. Testing for marijuana is done in different ways. The method adopted could involve lab scrutiny off saliva, blood or urine samples o even hair samples. The idea behind the drug test is to look for or rule out residue of substance abuse that usually shows up in these samples. The results could be devastating you cannot realize your dreams.

    The marijuana nanograms testing drug test, like the term suggests, involves scrutiny of every nano gram of the sample taken for testing. It is a stringent test and usually confirms the condition immediately. In the case o high school students aiming for the athletic meets, especially if they are chosen to represent the institution are asked to take this test to rule out the presence of drugs from enhanced performances. This drug test is very effective and once confirmed in the affirmative, you are doomed.

    Making it to the finals

    But there are ways of beating the test and one commonly adopted method is flushing. This method implies an increase in liquid intake and that of fibrous fruit and vegetables. This is believed to help detox the body of any residue o the substance that the person in question has been abusing – marijuana or barbiturates or any other over the counter drugs. Increasing instance of drug addiction in high school students has made the test mandatory and all for the right reasons. It helps to try and get over the stigma by adopting methods that can help you to get on with your life on the sports field.

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