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  • October 7th, 2010

    Drug Testing In The Workplace

    Basics for Drug testing in the workplace

    When you plan to make use of alcohol as well as drug test as a part of workplace substance abuse policy then there are several lawful issues, which should first be addressed. Drug testing and especially accidental drug test is not permitted in each state in the United States. Before proceeding with such a policy, company requires checking with state department of labor for recent rules. Although, such testing Is permitted and employees are found to be making use of drugs, they can find their options are restricted in how they can reply. For instance, Americans with disabilities act makes it clear that a person with drug use has a disability that is prevented under ADA.

    It also indicated that an employer can not deny hiring the qualified person due to his alcoholism and can not punish an alcoholic employee more harshly as compared non-alcoholic employees for the similar behavior. e right of the U.S. Military to take away an employee from his job due to off-duty behavior has become a matter of dispute for the Merit Systems Protection Board, after a Navy sheet metal worker had a wreck and was arrested for DUI. The importance of drug test in workplace is expanding as many companies use drug tests for taking this critical step for making sure the safety of the workplace.

    Keeping workplace clear of drug users will surely make sure safety for employees and increase the productivity of company. Easy to follow, accessible and cheap drug tests will make that happen. It is reality that drug utilization by employees can lead to accidents. Recurrent drug test can potentially discourage the utilization of drugs altogether in the workplace. Drug test in the workplace was hugely characterized as a blatant violation of privacy of a person. Today, all these points of protests are dying a slow death since several people realize the significance of weeding out drug abusers from workplace. Drug test in workplace is approved in many states of United States however practice is not correctly regulated in many cases. People, who are subjected to drug test in workplace, do not essentially give their permission.

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