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  • November 9th, 2010

    Drug Tests Oral Passing

    Drug Tests Oral Passing.

    Drug tests determine whether or not a person uses drugs. Drug residues accumulate inside blood, urine, saliva, sweat and hair as a person consumes drugs. The presence of these residues confirms drug use by the person, while the amount of residue determines how often and how much drugs the person consumes. Drug tests are named after the sample used for checking for presence of drug traces. Thus the blood drug test uses drug test blood sample
    . Similarly we have the urine test, oral swab or saliva test, sweat analysis and the hair drug test.

    Passing the oral drug test is not very difficult if you do not use drugs. But if you do, then you will need to pull a rabbit out of your hat to pass a drug test. A cotton swab is inserted in your mouth for a couple of minutes. This saturates the swab with your saliva. If a detailed analysis is needed, the swab is sent to the lab. However, in most cases the swab is placed on a colored test strip. The change / no change in color is an indication of consumption / non consumption of drugs. The crux of this test is that the sample cannot be tampered with – you cannot have anybody else’s saliva in your mouth. And the fact that the swab is inserted and extracted from your mouth in front of the conductor / supervisor of the test, makes it impossible to substitute the sample.

    Passing this drug test, if you are a drug user, requires you to be quick, prepared and lucky. The only ways to go about is not to use drugs 3 – 4 days before the test and to use a detoxifying mouthwash 5 to 30 minutes before the sample is taken. You need to be lucky because the conductors of the test also know this. Therefore you should hope that you are not placed under observation for the said period. The test is used where drug consumption within a short period before the test is essential. It is also used for checking alcohol consumption. Applications for this test include checking of automobile and equipment drivers and of people who want to be insured.

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