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  • October 7th, 2010

    Pass An Oral Swab Drug Test

    Pass an Oral Swab Drug Test.

    Drug Tests test a person for consumption of drugs. The tests use some body fluid or body part as a specimen to arrive at their conclusions. The different types of drug tests are the urine drug test, the blood test, the saliva swab test, sweat test / analysis and the hair drug test. Among these tests urine test is the most common as drug residues are retained in the urine for a longer duration than they are in blood and saliva. Drug residues are found for the longest duration in hair strands on any part of the body.

    Urine tests are not that difficult to beat unless the authorities are ready to institute some really tough and invasive supervisory measures. Such measures have also generated a debate of their own on the grounds of invasion of privacy. This has led to a gradual shift towards the saliva or the oral swab drug test in areas where short term drug use determination is more important. Such areas include checking vehicle and equipment drivers and those involved in workplace accidents. 30% of companies in the US employ this test in preference to the urine or hair test that is used by 20% of the companies.

    Research conducted by the University of Utah in the Salt Lake City has proved the effectiveness and reliability of the oral swab test. The test can detect all the commonly consumed drugs. Here is how the drug test using mouth swabs works for detecting marijuana and other drugs works.

    The person to be tested is not allowed to drink anything or insert anything in the mouth for about 15 minutes before the sample is taken. For obtaining a sample a swab is inserted in the mouth between the lower cheek and the gums. The swab is saturated in about 2 minutes. It is then either taken to the collection vial or placed on a colored test strip. The results are obtained very quickly. The chances of tampering with the test are nearly zero. The only way to beat this test is not to consume any drugs or alcohol for 3 days before the test – this test can detect consumption for a maximum of 3 days. Or if you are of the adventurous type, using special mouthwashes 10 minutes before the test can do the trick.

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