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  • October 7th, 2010

    Failed The Dot Drug Test

    If you have failed the dot drug test

    Did you know that there are ways to clear a dot drug test? If you are contemplating on what would happen if you failed the dot drug test then you need to sit and think again! The different ways and means to clear a dot drug test protocol. Don’t let the worry about how to pass a dot drug test zap you or your energy and more importantly, you peace of mind.

    Ways to clear a dot drug test – identify them

    The internet is your best resource in this regard and has all the information you want on the ways and means to clear a dot drug test protocol. It also answers questions like can niacin help you pass a drug test and help you to look at how to pass a drug test without much stress. The demands are for a complete detox. You can approach the issue either with home based remedies for the detox like increased intake of tea or other diuretics like a concoction of vinegar and water or go in for the easy way out, butt not without risk, synthetic urine and samples of some other family member.

    All these methods have met with success in some cases and fallen hopelessly in the case of others. But these have gone on record for ways of beating the drug test heat. Can niacin help you pass a drug test? Well, it is known to work in some cases as a diuretic and induce frequent urination to flush the system. It is important though to research and not try to counter one problem (your drug abuse) with another – intake of yet another additive that could show up in the test.

    Taking detox to the next level and clearing a drug test

    The ways and means to clear a dot drug test protocol also include the use of citric fruits like mandarins, grape fruit, sweet limes, oranges and even that of plums. These natural diuretics are known to flush the system effectively and rid you of the toxins that the drug you indulge in leaves behind every time you get on the binge. It is very important to abide by the rules and regulations and litigation in place and know the clauses. This is mainly to defend your stand and make the right move.

    How to pass