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  • October 7th, 2010

    Get Cocaine Out Of Your System

    get cocaine out of your system

    Cocaine is an extremely addictive form of drug, and doing cocaine causes the brain to release a very high degree of biochemical, which in turns produces an immense sense of excitement and ecstasy. Consumption of cocaine in large quantities result in an icnrease in your heart rate and also blood pressure. This massive icnrease might also lead to fatal consequences, such as coma, or even death.
    The chances of you getting affected by severe health issues increases drastically, if you do an over dose of cocaine. Mixing cocaine with other substances such as alcohol and uppers also increases the chances of you being affected by severe health issues. Whether you get cocaine inhaled, smoked, or injected, the health hazards associated with cocaine remains the same. Smoking gives the body the maximum dose of cocaine, and gives you an instant high, as the cocaine that you smoke in directly affects your brains. Getting cocaine injected also has other problems, such as getting affected by HIV, and the likes.

    In order to pass the drug test for cocaine, there are certain medicines which would help you pass the drug test for cocaine, such as antihistamines, antiphetamines and the likes. Supplements in the form of tea, and some other weight loss medicines are extremely helpful in enabling you to pass the drug test for cocaine. The primary trick ehre is to burn off the fat as soon as possible. Burning off the fat is of utmost importance, as the element of cocaine needs to go off your system for you to pass the test. The metabolites need to be very carefully hidden, so that any fat from your body can be done away with at the earliest. The toxins are mainly stored in three areas of your body, hair, blood, and urine. So, a drug test means that you would be tested on either of these three parts. Cleaning the urinary tract might help you pass the urine test for cocaine as well. Using a good shampoo and conditioner, and a balanced diet might again help you in passing the hair test for cocaine. It is recommended that you quit taking cocaine for a minimum of a fortnight preceeding the day of your test, for optimum results. To keep your eyes and nose clean, you can take a spray before the test. You cna use certain detoxifiers as well in order to detoxify your system.

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