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  • October 28th, 2010

    Hair Drug Testing

    What is hair drug testing?

    Not many people know that hair can be tested for toxic levels, unless and until they are summoned for a drug test. What is hair drug testing? Out of the many samples taken for a drug test, hair is one of the most commonly taken samples for the test. Blood, DNA, dental plaque, hair, saliva, urine, etc. are some common samples usually taken for conducting a test on drugs. Root of hair contains traces of toxic substances if you have been on drugs for some time. Not many people realize that hair sample may be asked to get a drug test done and if at all a hair drug test is called for, you should know how you could beat the test.

    If you go to some of the reputed pharmacies or chemist shops, you can get special shampoos which are available for hair containing toxic substances. Besides shampoos, you can get conditioners as well as serums which help to wash off toxins from the root of hairs. All you need to apply this special shampoo, as you would apply any other type of shampoo and wash off your hair. This will help in getting rid of the toxins at the root of hairs, in a very effective manner. A day before the test, or even on the same day, you could wash your hair thoroughly and pass a drug test.

    The best way to get drug free info pass test, is the internet. There is so much of information available free of cost on the internet, there is practically no need for you to go anywhere for further information. Your friend who has been through a drug test before can be one of the best sources for providing you information, but even the internet is a great storehouse of detailed information. All you need to do is to click on a search engine of your choice and type in a few words about the information you want and you will get a number of websites to view. You can keep clicking on different websites till you get the desired information of your choice. With the advent of the internet information can be availed from practically any part of the world. The online forums offer you the opportunity to interact with the experts 24×7.

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