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  • October 28th, 2010

    Marijuana Detoxification Using Niacin

    Marijuana detoxification using niacin

    For marijuana users the drug test is quite a headache. This is because the drug stays in the system and can be detected even for 3-4 days after it was last taken. This calls for some real good assistance to clear the test. And many people as a result have tried out many different things; out of this niacin has had some real positive feed backs around the globe. Niacin is basically a vitamin of the B-complex group more often referred to as B3. It is used as a detoxification agent of the drug marijuana. It can also be termed as a drug test pill. So all one needs to do is to flush drug test pill down for a period of time prior to the test in fact up until 3-4 days to the test and carry out a strict regimen of work out along with that.

    The idea behind the process is that the niacin is a metabolic vitamin and helps in the metabolism of the fat present in the body. Since most of the marijuana gets stored in the fat it is extremely important to detoxify the fat. So for the best of the results the vitamin is taken in the morning and then some light exercise is done like jogging a distance on a nearly empty stomach forcing the body to burn the accumulated fat in the body for the desired energy. The combination of the niacin makes the process even quicker. This is also repeated in late afternoon or early evening with another set of exercises relating to cardio and weights. Here too a tablet of niacin is popped in before the exercise is commenced.

    All these patterns are carried out religiously till the drug test date approaches by 3-4 days. And when the said time approaches than the intake of these vitamins is stopped and that of water increases manifolds. At times the water intake even crosses the gallon a day mark so as to flush out the traces of the vitamin and any other remaining toxin from the body. This is a tried and tested method to deliver a clear drug test even after consuming the substance. So the popularity of the vitamin niacin does not come as a surprise.

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