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  • February 16th, 2011

    Neurontin False Positive Drug Test

    Know about neurontin drug and its usage.

    Urine screening is widely accepted drug testing form. Urine testing is always conducted for physical and chemical reaction. One such form of testing is urine protein testing. It helps to evaluate proper functionality of the body organs like kidney and lever. Semi quantitative form of testing like drug testing is used to check drug metabolites presence inside the body. Now, it is usually carry through dipsticks. Measuring down the protein population is usual method of urine analysis. If there is slight alteration is detected then later advance urine analysis is conducted. A 24 hour drug test is conducted for respective detection. Creatine concentration is important factor of protein inspection. Any modification in the Creatine concentration leads to sample adulteration suspect.

    With urine testing many times it happen that chances of getting false positive drug test increases. One main reason behind false positive drug test is over the counter medicines. Unfortunately, many time person need to be on treatment for long. One such drug is neurontin. It does not show false positive to standard drug test. However, neurontin false positive drug test only if protein level if urine sample is calculated. It would be best if you notify drug test supervisor about your neurontin treatment. You can make yourself test with the help of 12 panel drug testing. 12 panel drug tests have ability to detect number of drug metabolites.

    If you are looking forward for clean result then adopt home ways to pass drug test. They prove cost effective and you got them from your kitchen only. On the same note you can preserve your privacy as well. Water is one biggest source of detoxification. It catalyzes drug metabolites concentration as well as works best as urine additive. It is natural way of boosting urinal frequency. You can also adhere to drinking lots of fluid in the form of cranberry juice, green tea, coffee etc. They are best working on toxic removal. You have to undergo these home remedies for more than 3months period. As it does not have any severe side effect on the body you can carry these remedies for long period. Home remedies all together with exercises works best to pass drug test.

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