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  • November 9th, 2010

    Pass A Military Drug Test

    Complete your recruitment in military. Pass a military drug test confidently.

    To get selected in military department one has to cross the hurdle of drug test. It is very much essential to pass a military drug test for successful completion of selection process. Testing positive for any sort of prohibited drug gives bad impact on your career note. Some military academies start adopting zero tolerance against banned drugs. Urine samples are examined under strict surveillance and any tampering in samples are clearly prohibited. Most of the military labs are well equipped with analytical instruments which can undergo deep testing for all sorts of drugs. Military academy may ask for testing against LSD, opiates, marijuana, and cocaine abuse.

    Following are the some ways with which you can tamper your drug samples. Though, each time you can not play with your results, you can lower down the concentration of drug percentage. Few working things to mask presence of weed drug test facts. You can try to delay test date, until you itself get confident about it. Try to identify drug detection window time. For e.g. Marijuana remain in body system for more than couple of months.
    It will help you to know how many days body reacquired to metabolize drug substance. Prefer urine test as it provides drug metabolites and not actual amount of drug you ingested. With detox products you can have alteration in samples. Dilution or altering the samples also works quite efficiently.

    One sure shot working method is flush your bladder completely. Try to take any herbal product which will help in doing so or just rely on drinking lots of water. This will lead to decrease drug concentration below to detection level. If you are regular THC smoker, then it is advisable for you to take detox product for more than two weeks to get clear in drug testing. In some cases consuming B complex tablets also gives negative result. B complex tends to increase protein level inside the system. It also gives dark yellow or orange color to urine. This will mask your dilution attempt. As excessive water intake gives pale yellow color to urine.

    For sure positive results try to not having any sort of drugs before testing. Do not keep extra rely on products like bleach or niacin. They not work most of the time and leaves adverse effect on body. They are diuretic. Also make sure you are having right dietary supplements. They occasionally lead to faulty positive result.

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