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  • October 7th, 2010

    Pass Drug Test In 1 Day

    You Can Pass Drug Test in 1 Day

    If you want to join the military force there are going to be a lot of questions coming to your mind. The military force is always on the look out for healthy individuals who are fit and fine and who can be easily recruited in this field. The slightest indication of a drug substance in your bloodstream will leave you with no chance at all about joining the military force. It is also necessary for recruits to have a sound and good presence of mind. Your drug report is going to show the truth if at all you have been on cocaine. If you have been taking intoxicants then drug testing is going to be a difficult procedure for you.

    Green tea – one of the best antioxidants:

    Whether or not it is going to be possible for you to pass a cocaine drug test in one single day or not is the question that keep arising in the minds of those who have been on cocaine and yet want to pass the cocaine drug test. The answer is yes of course, you can pass a drug test in 1 day, provided you keep in mind a few instructions. This is going to be virtually impossible if you are not going to take immediate steps on this. Just by stopping cocaine intake for one day will not help, but at least the intoxicants present in the body can be flushed out. Try drinking a beverage made of green tea as frequently as possible throughout the day. Green tea is known to be one of the best antioxidants which can help in flushing out toxins within the body.

    Besides this it is also very necessary to stop the intake of cocaine at least a week in advance before the drug testing day. You will be very lucky if you are given sufficient time, way in advance, so that you can stop intake of the intoxicant. You should try and investigate and then negotiate the date and timing of the test. The best time to buy is late afternoon or evening and the date would be ‘further the better’! Nothing is impossible, buy yourself time if possible. It is also important to apply detox as soon as possible to flush out the toxic remnants.

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