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  • February 16th, 2011

    Pass Drug Test

    Know best pass drug test methods.

    Passing any drug test is getting much simplified with the availability of ready to use detox products. You can also avail to the clean result with home remedies. It takes higher time for removal. If you are running short with the time, then it is advisable to make use of commercially available detox products. First you should know that detoxification remedies works best on drug metabolites which are fat soluble in nature. Means they leave their traces in fat cells of the body. Most common illicit substance for which drug testing is conducted is marijuana. However, these remedies also work best on drugs like PCP, opiates, heroin. You will observe effect of these remedies on fat soluble steroids as well.

    To pass drug test you will require 12 oz water and sure jell packet. It is also known by certo or jell-O pack. You will get it from local grocery store. Store it in ambient temperature. Do not keep it in refrigerator. Hydrate your body with water, cranberry juices, herbal tea etc. Try to adopt these methods a week before the drug test. Make sure to pass urine twice or thrice before giving sample for drug test. Drinks jell- O liquid 20 minutes before drug screening. It sustains in the body about 40 minutes. How jell- O drink gives you false positive drug testing result. Drugs metabolites are detected through urine sample. Drugs which you consumes gives you dirty fat instead of dirty urine. When body works on these metabolites, energy gets stored in the form of fat. These are later digested and end up in urine sample. Jell- O mixture rises sugar percentage inside the body. So that body starts working on sugar instead of stored fat.

    Being a fat soluble substance, marijuana stay in system for quite long period of time. To get additional safeties try to urinate twice or thrice before giving test samples. Keep your self enough hydrated so that body get catalyst to work on the restored fat metabolites. Consult your physician before going for detoxification. If you are going though treatment on diabetes or kidney failure, then do not include excess water intake in your detoxification treatment.

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