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  • November 9th, 2010

    Using Sure Jell For Drug Tests

    Know how sure jell provides negative result in drug test.

    So, you are decided to go with the sure jell method which are made up to give you negative result in drug screening. Sure jell is nothing but chemical or you can say diuretics which increases urination rate. No, there is certainly not any magic formulation in it. Sure jell lower downs the coating inside the stomach. When you consumed drug, especially THC, it directly goes to your lungs and defiantly not in stomach. THC stored inside the fat cells of body. As fatty cells are there for through out the body, sure jell tries to remove them though stomach and urinary track. Using sure jell for drug tests, is very common now besides knowing its severe effects on body.

    Certo or know by sure jell are factory names of pectin. It is a gelling device manufactured from plants. Most common use of pectin is in making Jams. It gives thickness and jelly like form to sugar syrup. It is naturally dietary fiber. It bypass through intestine, i.e. it body unable to absorb pectin. When you consume sure jell, it forms coating outside the stomach. This prevents drug metabolites to go inside urinal track. However, this is not the only or certain way to pass drug test. If you analyze body system, you come across with the fact that body starts metabolizing drugs immediately after consumption. Sure jell can be one remedy which help you to mask drug traces in some extent.

    Before going to drug screening centers, first clarify that whether they are using any sort of hair 5 panel drug tests. Drug panel tests are nothing but small stripes attached with chemical soaked on it. It is some how easy to fool drug panels. But be sure that screening centers are not making use of any analytic technique. If it is then passing drug test can be very difficult. Gas Chromatograph and Mass Spectrometer are two analytical methods used for drug testing. They are for checking amount of drug percentage in samples. You certainly can’t fool the drug testing instruments. They have facility to investigate till deeper lever, so chance of getting caught increases tremendously.

    If you are using sure jell, make sure you are drinking lots of water with it. It helps to dilute pectin and thrash out through urine. As a result even your dilution test will come negative.

    ALWAYS include drinking lots of water along with the Certo / Sure-Jell. So if you pass, it’s because you diluted, not because you used Certo. And if you’re lucky enough to be tested in a lab that doesn’t perform authenticity tests for dilution, I can see why someone would think that Certo helped them pass their drug test. Problem is, most labs do check for dilution, so more people fail using this method than are actually helped by it.

    There are definitely home remedies for passing drug tests that will help you, but the reality is that most of what you’ll hear about is based on rumors and myths passed around by people who either got lucky, or are just repeating something they heard. It is absolutely possible to pass a drug test, but you should gather all the information you can and use your common sense before deciding on which method to use.

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