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  • November 9th, 2010

    Positive Drug Test For Morphine Codeine

    Positive drug test for morphine Codeine

    These days even school authorities are getting very strict as far as a drug test is concerned. Students these days do not hesitate in taking any kind of drug. Morphine, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, hashish are the different kinds of drugs found present in the body system if at all you have been in the habit of taking any kind of these toxic substances. A test could result in a positive drug test for morphine, in case you have not taken necessary steps to detoxify yourself. The school authorities can find out what kind of a drug you are on and if detected, depending on the rules and regulations and your conduct in school, necessary action will be taken on you accordingly.

    Some students could be rusticated or suspended if found positive drug test for morphine. Consequences of being caught could range from being mild to severe. In certain extreme cases, the student may be asked to get into the drug rehabilitation centre, so that he can come out of the habit in the earliest possible time. In other cases where there is only mild intake of the drug, the student may be provided with counseling and efforts are accordingly made to ensure that the student is able to give up the habit at the earliest. In case of hair drug test, codeine hair strength test machine can help in indicating whether there is presence of toxic substances in hair.

    Very few people know about the fact that there are toxins present at the root of hairs, in those individuals who take different types of drugs. A codeine hair strength test machine is very beneficial in those cases where a hair drug test has to be conducted. Medicated or special shampoos are available in the market which helps in washing off toxic substances quickly from the root of the hairs. You could wash your hair on the same day of the drug test and also wash it a day or two prior to the hair drug test as this will help in washing off the toxins thoroughly from the root of the hair. If you are sure that your friend is not on drugs you could even try presenting her hair sample, if you are very lucky, not to have a supervisor around you.

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