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  • October 7th, 2010

    Preparing For A Drug Test

    Preparing for a Drug Test.

    A Drug Test is a technique designed to check if a person consumes certain drugs / narcotics. Generally these tests are conducted to detect the presence of banned substances inside a person’s body. This is accomplished by taking samples of blood, urine, saliva or hair from the person who is to be tested.

    Ever since the Drug Free Workplace Act was passed by the US legislators, making it mandatory for public employees to take periodic drug tests and the adaptation of the same by some private employers, this issue has generated a lot of heat. The fact that all drug tests have their limitations and that chemicals classified as drugs are present in many over the counter drugs (leading to their inadvertent consumption in many cases) has added fuel to the fire of this raging controversy.

    “Forewarned is forearmed.” And so knowing a few fundamental facts about drug tests and the body metabolism can go a long way in preventing potential embarrassment and even loss of job. There are four basic tests for detecting drugs:

    Urine Test can detect only the type of drug, it cannot detect the time and amount of drug consumption.

    Saliva Test is a simple test requiring no lab facilities, but can detect drugs consumed only within a few days before the test.

    Hair Test is a reliable test but only in the long term – it cannot detect drugs consumed within one week of the test. It is typically used for drugs consumed 90 days before the test.

    Blood Test is probably the most reliable of all the tests. It can provide reliable results regarding the amount and time of drug consumption. Along with the urine test it forms an almost complete test. However it is not invincible.

    Here are some basic steps to prepare for a drug test:

    Since exercising your body detoxifies it, taking the same for one week before the test is advisable.

    A healthy fiber and protein rich diet that is consumed regularly and in small amounts throughout the day can have a salutary effect.

    Continuous intake of water throughout the day.

    Avoid alcohol, drugs containing banned substances, toxins and even a toxic environment.

    Finally, to be on the safer side, use a reliable detoxifier.

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