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  • October 7th, 2010

    Drug Test Advice

    Drug Test Advice.

    These are some of the basic drug testing facts that will assist in successfully clearing a drug test. The best way to clear a drug test, which also happens to be the most ethical, is not to take the drugs for which you will be tested. More often than not you will be tested for ten groups of drugs. These are the minimum number of groups for which you can prepare yourself. These include Cocaine, Marijuana, Ecstasy, Opiate, Methadone, Amphetamine, Barbiturate, Benzodiazepine, Methamphetamine and Phencyclidine.

    The next step is to know the type of tests you will be subjected to. Generally these include tests with samples of blood, urine, saliva and hair. While urine test will determine which drug has been consumed, it is incapable of determining the time and quantity of the drug that is consumed. A saliva drug test can determine drug use during the past few days. Blood Drug is a very accurate test and can determine the amount of drug that is consumed. Blood and Urine Drug Tests are usually ordered in combination in order to know the type and amount of drug consumed. Hair drug tests are also very accurate. These can help determine the type, amount and the time for which the drug has been consumed. The time of drug consumption can be detected from a short period to several years.

    Finally here are some simple techniques to beat a drug test:

    Regular exercise in the week preceding the drug test will be a great help. Exercising enhances the metabolic rates automatically detoxifying the body. However, it should be remembered that dieting will have the reverse effect.

    A healthy diet containing fiber, proteins, carbohydrate and vegetables is another good step. Fatty and oily food has to be avoided. Breakfast cannot be skipped. Late night meals have to be avoided and you have to eat small amounts of food continuously through the day. On the day of the test you can consume only light meals.

    Continuous and consistent intake of water from at least two days before the drug test.

    Alcohol and certain over – the – counter drugs contain obnoxious chemicals. Therefore these should not be consumed at all. Furthermore, unnecessary medication should be avoided.

    Next avoid consumption of any toxins and also avoid a toxic environment.

    If, in spite of all these steps, you feel the need to be extra safe then go for a reliable detoxification product.

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