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  • December 24th, 2010

    Pseudoephedrine Drug Test Amphetamines

    Read about pseudoephedrine drug test amphetamines.

    Amphetamines is one of the five drugs included in the NIDA-5, the five most commonly abused and tested for drugs in Unites States government approved drug testing. Amphetamines remain detectable for almost 3days in a standard urine drug test after its last use by the abuser. Methamphetamines are likely to stay in the system for longer times generally 3-5 days. The amphetamine test is generally a single step immunoassay that is used to screen the presence of the drug metabolites in the urine specimens. A lot of attempts are made by the abusers to cheat a drug test and pass drug test legal weed or pass a drug test for amphetamines. Some of them are lucky enough to get through the screening easily.

    Immunoassay screening is a chromatographic absorbent technique. It is a rapid procedure of drug detection in the urine specimens. The cutoff level for amphetamines that can test one positive is 1000ng/ml as suggested by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration. The GC/MS cutoff for the same is 500ng/ml. hair follicle drug tests are considered to be the most accurate ones. A hair drug test utilizes 1.5 inch of recent growth to screen the presence of amphetamines. The detection window of this test is approximately 90 days. In the recent years, saliva drug tests are preferred more owing to the fact that it is easy to perform and the instantaneous nature of the test

    Abusers are sometimes lucky enough to pass a drug test as all the procedures are not conducted accurately. However, sometimes even the most innocent person fails a test because of registering a false positive. False positive occurs when a substance having a chemical structure to a particular drug is detected. False positives are generally the cases of mistaken identity. There are a number of reasons for false positives, some of which are second hand smoke, improper paper work, mixing of samples or wrong testing methods. A number of foodstuffs, vitamin supplements, prescription drugs and over the counter medication can cause false positives for amphetamines. Pseudoephedrine drug test amphetamines are common. It is necessary to ask for a confirmatory test if you register a false positive result.

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